The Kabalabalabalah Series

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The Kabalabalabalah Series

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Kabalabalabalah Intro and Author's Disclaimer
An introduction to what is to come as well as some
terminologies to prepare for reading the lessons

Shmizbonium - Kabalibalibalistic Contemplation
The first document in the lesson of Shmizbonium.

Shmizbonium - Addendum 1
A story related to the lesson on Shmizbonium.

Shmizbonium - Addendum 2
Questions answered from the first lesson on Shmizbonium.


Shmizbonium - Something And Nothing
Something And Nothing Pulke VeEin
more in depth descriptions of Shmizbonium.

Shmizbonium - Something And Nothing Add1
Something And Nothing Addendum
Answers to questions from the Something And Nothing document.

Shmizbonium - Depth, Width And Length 1
Delving further into Shmizbonium and all of it's meanings

Shmizbonium - Depth, Width And Length 2

Shmizbonium - Length, Width and Depth Of Chochamamie

Shmizbonium - Levels Of Abadabaadoo

Shmizbonium - Dimensions Of Abadabaadoo

Shmizbonium - Gumbala Shmegagy
The 50th Gate Of Shmizzick

Shmizbonium - Little Turtle Story

Shmizbonium - Understand In Shmizdom and Be Wise In Understanding

Shmizbonium - The Order Of The Levels of Bafoofkit

*All names of the people posing questions in
the addendums here were approved.