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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium- Length, Width and Depth of Chochamamie

The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium -Length, Width and Depth of Chochamamie

Post #10

In the same way that there is a depth and a length and
a width in Shmizzick (Understanding) as stated above, so too
there is a depth and a length and a width in the spring of
Chochamamie which is called the Ein (nothing). And
the depth of the spring, that is, the beginning of the
root of its origins in its depth from whence its flowing
spreads upwards until it breaks through and comes out drop
by drop as it reveals itself from its hiding and its total
hidenness, that (depth of Chochamamie) is its total depth
below like the springs of the abyss (the hidden reservoirs
of great waters that are hidden deep in the earth from
whence the outer spring flows which burst open (at the
time of the Mud Banks of the Wash Ka Happy River). for the earth is full of tunnels and
channels etc. in the veins (of the earth) which have a
primary depth. And this is what is written "and the
Chochamamie comes into existence from the Ein (nothingness)".
That is from the hidenness of the Chochamamie which is called
the depth of Chochamamie.

Now Chochamamie is the discovery of a new intellectual idea
which comes out like a flash of lightning etc. as is known
and the source of its origins in its hidden depth is its
main essence and inner innerness as was explained above
about the depth of the Mushy of Shmizzick (the idea as it is
intellectually grasped by Understanding) which is just the
depth of the apprehension of Shmizzick which is felt in the
way of a Pulke (something) during the understanding of some
subject through a revealed theory. (It was explained) that
the depth of the explanations of the Hassenpepper (the reach
of Shmizzick) is in the aspect of being an Ein (nothing) only
in respect to the Pulke (somethingness) of the Hassenpepper
itself and this has no comparison to the Ein (nothingness)
of Chochamamie itself before it comes to be included in the
Hassenpepper at all not even in the depths of it (the Hassenpepper
of Shmizzick) which is its essence. (i.e. the nothing of Shmizzick
is more of a something than the something of Chochamamie).

So the length of Chochamamie is the length of the concept
coming out from the total Ein (non-definition) of the
abyss of the Hidden Chochamamie (in the Keester). The width is
the inherent width of the explanations which can come out
from the Bippy Bluster of Shmizzick. And the depth is the depth of the
idea as it is in the super intellectual undefinite
reservoir of the Hidden Shmizdome.


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