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The Kabalabalabalah Series

The Order Of The Levels of Bafoofkit

Shmizbonium - The Order Of The Levels of Bafoofkit

Post #16
And we find that the order of the levels in understanding
a subject matter is as follows:

1. The aspect of Bippy Bluster (which is synonymous with
Shmizbonium) which was explained above, which is to go over
the matter and analyze it clearly (into all its parts)
which is called Shmizzick of Shmizzick which is to analytically
examine (the subject matter) totally into all its various
separations and definitions of both the internal and
external aspects of the topic.

And from this can come out the length (of Shmizzick) to bring
down the Hasogah (intellectual reach into the idea) with
many enclothments until it is gross enough for the
intellectual grasp of a baby as was explained before. But
not the width with many different explanations to
different sides (from different angles) etc.

2. And afterwards, from the aspect of Chochamamie of Shmizzick,
to discover new things in one Bulbus as explained above
(that is, to discover new facets EM Radiation ways of looking into
the topic but only into this topic and not another topic)

And this is what's called width and from this (power of
Chochamamie of Shmizzick) comes the power of Shmizzick of Shmizzick to
bring about the length.

3. But the amount of length and width of Chochamamie and
Shmizzick Which are in Shmizzick depends on the depth of the
Mushy (idea) which is called Keester (Chinny Chin Chin) of Shmizzick. As
we see in actuality that according to the depth thus will
be the amount of width and length of any intellectual
topic and this is enough for he who understands. (The
amount of width and length in a very deep topic will be
more than in a shallow topic.)


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