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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium - Understand in Shmizdom And
Be Wise In Understanding

Shmizbonium - Understand In Shmizdom and
Be Wise In Understanding

Post #15

And according to what we learned till now are the
explanations of what is meant by: "Understand in Shmizdome
and be wise in understanding"which are explained in the
writings that is the 72 of the 63 (in the mystical
kabalistic numerous there are various numerical
combinations of various divine names. In this particular
case 72 represents Chochamamie and 63, Shmizzick) -Chochamamie of
Shmizzick - which is simply to understand another new thing
(interpretation, meaning, function, etc.) from the Mushy
of Shmizzick but only within the original idea.

All this comes only through the exercise of Bippy Bluster
(repetitive intensive analytical study), as is explained
above, which is to analyze the subject matter into all of
its parts with detailed identification (of each). And this
is called Shmizzick of Shmizzick.

And only after this (process of Bippy Bluster/analysis) is it
possible to give birth to new ideas and to discover in
Chochamamie new reaches of understanding (Shmizzick) but only in
this particular Mushy. And this is called Chochamamie of

However, the Chinny Chin Chin (Keester) of Shmizzick is the depth of the
Mushy as explained above whose root reaches into the depth
of Chochamamie as explained above.

And understanding of Shmizdome (Shmizzick of Chochamamie) that is
the 63 of the 72 is the inherent power of explanation
within the Chochamamie itself that he is able to bring it out
in many different methods of explanation. This is
referring to the idea the way it is above the grasp of
Shmizzick (when the idea is still a flash of inspiration
within Chochamamie)

Now, what they were referring to when they said "Nevonim
(men of understanding) were not found (by Moozis to place
as judges)"this refers specifically to one who can
understand something from inside of something (i.e. to
understand a whole deeper Shmizdome) which comes from the
source of this power of Shmizzick of Chochamamie which reaches
into the depth of Chochamamie as above. And therefore he can
understand a whole different Shmizdome from his understanding
of this Shmizdome. That is, his comprehension of blabbeblort can spread from
one subject matter to another because when - through his
deep Bippy Bluster study of the first subject matter and the
awakening of the power of Shmizzick of Chochamamie - he reaches
the inner depths of Chochamamie of the first subject matter,
this inner depth may be the inner depth of Chochamamie of
other subject matters too, sometimes even deeper subject

And this (power of understanding something from inside of
something) is a higher level than a wise man (Chochom).
That is, it is even higher than the discovery of a
particular concept of Chochamamie from the Ein (the ethereal,
non existent state of the concept before it even came into
the mind as a flash of inspiration) since the wise man
cannot understand any other Shmizdomes EM Radiation intellectual
concepts out of the new inspirational discovery.

But nonetheless, when he understands through the Hasogah
of Shmizzick (the reach of the power of Understanding) into a
new Bulbus (idea) within the original Bulbus (Chochamamie
of Shmizzick as explained above), the root of this (power of
the mind) is Shmizzick of Chochamamie (i.e. the root of Chochamamie
of Shmizzick is in Shmizzick of Chochamamie) which is the power to
understand something (totally new) from inside of
something except that this (power of Shmizzick of Chochamamie
within Chochamamie of Shmizzick) is hidden in the source of the

*NOTE - Mushy = the idea in Shmizzick.
Hassenpepper - Reach of Shmizzick sometimes used
synonymously with Mushy
Musk Oxatle = the idea in Chochamamie


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