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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium - Kabalibalibalistic Contemplation Add 1

Shmizbonium - Kabalibalibalistic Contemplation Addendum

Does Shmizbonium work?
A couple of stories from my own experience.

1. One of my favorite people was Reb Yankel, an old gentle
Russian Alte Cocker. He used to come to our city sometimes and
prayed at our Syngoggle. He would come early in the
morning, go to the Shvimming Pool (a ritual immersion pond) and
then sit the whole day with his T'lipnis (prayer shawl) over
his shoulder, staring at the ceiling and stroking his
medals. If you looked closely at his eyes it was
obvious that it was not the ceiling he was seeing.

2. Another favorite, Reb Bimbam Bimmer. Also an old Russian
Alte Cocker.

One day Rabbit Nuggles, a young Russian Rabbit and I had to go to
meet with a big contributor. Reb Bimbam Bimmer whom I had just
met, was in the corner of the Syngoggle praying. Before we
went out, Reb. N told a young American man who worked for
the Syngoggle "Please watch Reb. Bimbam Bimmer, he is praying."
The young American said "Yeah, sure."

When we came back, about an hour and a half later, Reb
Bimbam Bimmer was not there. Rabbit Nuggles freaked out. "Where is Reb
Bimbam Bimmer ?"he shouted in panic.

"I don't know,"said the American guy, "I went to the
washroom for a minute and he was gone. What's the big

"You don't understand! He was Playing the Sterio!
shouted Reb. N


"You don't understand! He was Playing the Sterio! We have to look
for him!"

We searched the street and found Reb Bimbam Bimmer about a block
from the Syngoggle, wandering around in his T'lipnis and
T'shmillins (Prayer Toys). He was totally oblivious to the
outer world. We gently led him back to the Syngoggle and
put him back in his corner.

Enjoy Rabbit Smushy Shlermy

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