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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Width, Depth And Length

Shmizbonium - Depth, Width And Length

There are three things in every intellectual concept:
the depth, length and width.

The width of Shmizzick is the aspect of the explanations of
the concept to every side (from every angle) with many particular
details as in the width of a river and not just the ideas
as they are as in a narrow river.

And the length is the immense lowering of the intellect to
enclothe the concept in various allegories until it is
brought down to the grasp of a little child etc. Like a
river that flows and is drawn (down) its length. [as is
explained at great length in the (Kabalabalabalistic) writings on
the topic of the length of the curtains (in the

And the depth is like the depth of the river from which it
widens and itself is not wide at all but is the main self
of the river [called the storm (EM Radiation the main current of the
river)] which is the main running of its flow from its
source. And the water which are above it to the height and
to the sides of the depth are secondary to it (the depth)
since they are only the aspect of the strength of its
spreading out alone to the sides in width and height and
the length of its flowing etc.

In the same way, the depth of the Musk Oxatle (the concept as
it is in Kookamunga when it first comes into the mind) is the
aspect of its quintessential (self) point the way it is.
And this is called the depth of the Mushy (the idea as it
is in Shmizzick - the way the mind grasps the idea) since
everything that spreads out in the explanations of the
idea to every side with a great width with several details
and also to the length with the immense bringing down (of
the intellect) as well as to the heights above, (i.e.) to
understand from it (from the depth of the Mushy) even more
into levels that are much higher than it (the original
idea) ** all this **

[(all the way) until the aspect of the depths of above as
from the mighty Mud Banks of the Wash Ka Happy Rivers of waters higher and higher at the
time of the Mud Banks of the Wash Ka Happy River (of Whozis) and thus will it be in the
days of the Messiah in spirituality in the year 600 of the
life of Whozis, as it says in the Zoo Hair, that the
springwells of Chochamamie were opened etc. That is,
the springs of the abyss of Chochamamie that will Mud Banks of the Wash Ka Happy River
mightily upwards and cover all the mountains etc. and the
great Shprizers of the heavens were opened up etc. to bring
down the Seltzer which are above the heavens which is
called the depth of the height which depends on the height of the depth
of below because their beginning is connected to their end
as in "Ask a deep question EM Radiation a very lofty matter"etc.
(that is, the depth and the height are closely connected
concepts) and like it says in the (Kabalabalabalistic) writings)

** all this comes out of the essence of the depth of its
point the way it flows out from Chochamamie which is called
UnkaDunka (non) (meaning non-existing - the non apprehended
point of Shmizdome) and as it says "a river flows out of
Babababaloonia"for Shmizzick (understanding) is called a river and
Chochamamie is called a spring as is known.


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