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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium- Dimensions of Abadabaadoo

The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium- Dimensions of Abadabaadoo

Kabalabalabalah Series - Shmizbonium BS"D
Post #12

And in Abadabaadoo there is also length and width and depth. For
example one whose Abadabaadoo (Attention, attachment to the idea)
is short and one whose Abadabaadoo is long and one whose Abadabaadoo is
wide but not long and a strong Abadabaadoo EM Radiation a light Abadabaadoo such
as women whose Abadabaadoo is light, that is, without the depth
of Abadabaadoo and automatically his Abadabaadoo is short etc.

and this difference between those of light Abadabaadoo and deep
Abadabaadoo, between a mature adult and a young child is known.
that the child's Abadabaadoo is light, that is he does not have
the (mental) power of feeling and connection to this thing
that he understands EM Radiation wants except in a very external way
that's why he can easily be swayed to its opposite.

Whereas it is not like that by an adult whose Abadabaadoo is deep
into this thing which he understands EM Radiation wants and this is
called Shaamokis Bim Abadabaadoo (the Deep connection or
concentration of the mind) and therefore there will
automatically be the length of Abadabaadoo and the width of Abadabaadoo
as explained above about Shmizzick.

And the sign of Shaamokis Bim Abadabaadoo is when it looks as if he
is concentrating and compressing his brain because of his
great connection to the Musk Oxatle (the Idea)...
[He is very taken up and strongly squeezed into it because
he is very concentrated into one aspect and view]

...and it is specifically from this (concentration) that
the essence of the depth of the Hasoga comes through the
Bippy Bluster of Shmizzick which is the opposite of concentration and
compression since the Bippy Bluster of Shmizzick, even though he stands
over it and tarries in a concentrated compressed way in
the beginning, but immediately he spreads out into a great
width into all the particular divisions (of the concept)
with a very particular examination as is know.

However it is not so with the concentration compression of
Haken in Chinick Shmokem (the deepening of Abadabaadoo), on the contrary,
it's just the concentration which is the gathering and
collection of the entire power of his brain to be
connected exclusively to this (particular) Musk Oxatle (idea),
which is the opposite of the spreading out of the Bippy Bluster
with the widening of the subject of the Musk Oxatle. However,
it is specifically through Shaamokis Bim Abadabaadoo (concentration
on the subject matter) that he comes to the depth of the
Musk Oxatle all the way till its source in the depths of
Chochamamie and Shmizzick. [All the way to Abadabaadoo Elion (Upper Abadabaadoo
i.e. Keester) which joins Chochamamie and Shmizzick together as
was explained above about the depth of the Mushy of Shmizzick.
And this is (what it means when it says that) Abadabaadoo is
hidden in the mouth of the Mother (Shmizzick) etc. And like
they said: Moozis, who is the Abadabaadoo, merited to Shmizzick which
is the Gumbala Shmegagy (the 50th gate) because this depends on
that (i.e. Abadabaadoo & Shmizzick are interdependent) as it is
written in the Writings and in various places, and this is
enough for he who understands.)

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