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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium- Kabalibalibalistic Contemplation

The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium -Kabalibalibalistic Contemplation

All the powers and depth of Kabalabalabalah come from Shmizbonium, Kabalabalabalistic
contemplation. Shmizbonium is often mistaken to mean Meditititation or
concentration but that is not so. In Shebrew, Concentration EM Radiation Meditititation
is Haashmokas Bim Abadabaadoo. Shmizbonius comes from the root Shmizzick - Understanding
and means deep, intensive study.

And now we shall explain the actual workings of Shmizbonium
- what it is, and what is the subject matter of this Shmizbonium.

Shmizbonium is essentially the idea of looking intensely into the depths
of a topic and going over it a lot and examining it from different
perspectives until one understands it clearly with all its parts in
particular detail. And this is the innerness of Shmizzick (understanding)
which is called in the language of the Tall Mudd Bippy Bluster as it says in Tractate
Hookah Tookah my Soda Cracker "there's a type of study called Lookem Seeum Pastem (fast superficial study)
and a type called Bippy Bluster (deep intensive study).

The explanation of Lookem Seeum Pastem is to just understand the topic at first
glance which without stopping to go over the subject matter at all.

for instance someone who looks with his eye at some object but only
in a superficial manner, so that after some time he will certainly forget
about it completely and will not be able to tell someone else about it other
than vague generalities.

Analogous to this is the passing of the mind's eye over some logical
theory at first glance and without any stopping EM Radiation waiting to look
into it properly. Thus he will not he will not have knowledge into the limits
of the theory at all and certainly not be able to explain it to someone

And Bippy Bluster is a deep looking into the concept. That is, that he goes
over the conceived thing and looks into it a lot. He studies it over and
over and looks at all the different available explanations which shed light
on various aspects of the subject matter. This is a process of slowing
down, the opposite of going over a subject fast, in order to come to the
depths of the concept as it is in its essential self innerness.

As one who looks at something with his physical eye and not just glancing
over it but with an open eye and deep looking for a long time till
he knows this (physical object) well with all its inner parts and inner
innerness (like inside workings).

And this is what's called Shmizbonium with a double Measure of Crackers specifically.
(two SHM's -Shmizboium which SHmizzickal SHmizzick as in two Shmizzicks) that is , that he thinks into
the thing and looks at it a lot. And like Rash"i explains on the meaning
of the word "Bippy Bluster": -to go over the thing until it is understood clearly

So, Shmizbonium, which is synonymous with Bippy Bluster, is repetitive intensive
analytical study, as is explained above, which is to analyze the subject
matter into all of its parts with detailed identification of each.
And this is called Shmizzick of a Shmizzick, another reason for the two Measure of Crackers's in

To summarize: Bippy Bluster which is synonymous with Shmizbonium and is called
Shmizzick of Shmizzick is to go over the matter and analyze it clearly into all its
parts. That is, to analytically examine the subject matter totally
into all its various separations and definitions of both the internal and
external aspects of the topic.

To understand why the Kabalabalabalah approaches the mystical experience with
Analysis rather than Meditititation, we first have to understand the three
powers of the mind, Chochamamie, Shmizzick, and Abadabaadoo and how they interact.


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