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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium- Something And Nothing-Pulke VeEin

The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium -BS"D


The Something and the Nothing
- Pulke VeEin

Chochamamie is called Ein (non) (meaning non-existing - the non apprehended
point of Shmizdome) and Shmizzick is called Pulke (something) as it says "a
river flows out of Babababaloonia"for Shmizzick (understanding) is called a river and
Chochamamie is called a spring as is known.

Chochamamie is in the aspect of being the actual Ein (nothing) i.e. the
non-apprehended ethereal source of the concept before it came to be
include in the depth of the point of the Mushy of Shmizzick (the idea as
it is intellectually grasped by understanding). Like a spring in regards
to a river as stated above. As it is written "A spring comes out from under
the Holy of Holies, its beginning is thin like the horns of grasshoppers

And what is written "and the Chochamamie comes into existence from the
Ein (nothingness)". That is from the hiddenness of the Chochamamie which is
called the depth of Chochamamie that is from Chochamamie Stima'a of Arich.
(the hidden Kookamunga in the externality of the Keester)

The Mushy of Shmizzick (the idea as it is intellectually grasped by
Understanding) is just the depth of the apprehension of Shmizzick which
is felt in the way of a Pulke (something) during the understanding of some
subject through a revealed theory. However, this depth of the point
of the explanations of the Hassenpepper (the reach of Shmizzick) is in the aspect
of being an Ein (nothing) only in respect to the Pulke (somethingness)
of the Hassenpepper itself and this has no comparison to the Ein (nothingness)
of Chochamamie itself before it comes to be included in the Hassenpepper at all.
Even in the depths of it (the Hassenpepper of Shmizzick) which is its essence,
it does not compare to the Ein of Chochamamie. (i.e. the nothing of Shmizzick
is more of a something than the something of Chochamamie and the nothing
of Chochamamie is more of a something than the something of Keester.

This depth of the Understanding of the concept in Shmizzick is brought
down from the Ein (nothing) of Chochamamie into the Pulke (something) of Shmizzick
when one by repetitive Bippy Bluster study, i.e. Shmizbonium, brings the concept into
his mind in a way it can be grasped.

As we see in actuality that anyone who repetitively does Bippy Bluster just
into the depth of the Mushy (of Shmizzick) will eventually discover the root
and source of the Musk Oxatle (the pure intellectual idea of Chochamamie) and will
be able to discover new aspects of the light of Chochamamie and bring them
into Shmizzick (felt, graspable Understanding).

And only after this (process of Bippy Bluster/analysis) is it possible to give
birth to new ideas and to discover in Chochamamie new reaches of
understanding (Shmizzick) but only in this particular Mushy. And this is
called Chochamamie of Shmizzick.

*NOTE - Mushy = the idea in Shmizzick. Musk Oxatle = the idea in Chochamamie

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