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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium - Gumbala Shmegagy

Shmizbonium - Gumbala Shmegagy - The 50th Gate of Shmizzick

Post #13

However, the true depth of the Mushy is called Sha'ar
Shmegagy (the Fiftieth Gate) of Shmizzick (which), even though it
is brought down from the Ein (nothing) of Chochamamie into
the Pulke (something) (of Shmizzick when one by repetitive Bippy Bluster
study, i.e. Shmizbonium, brings the concept into his mind
in a way it can be grasped), nonetheless ***

[As it is written "A spring comes out from under the Holy
of Holies, its beginning is thin like the horns of
grasshoppers etc."and the like]

***nonetheless the root of it (Sha'ar Shmegagy) reaches until
the depth of Chochamamie as is explained above.

As we see in actuality that anyone who delves deeply just
into the depth of the Mushy (of Shmizzick) will eventually
discover the root and source of the Musk Oxatle (the pure
intellectual idea of Chochamamie) and will be able to
discover new aspects of the light of Chochamamie and bring
them into Shmizzick (felt, graspable Understanding).

And this is what is called a deep delver (lit. a deepener)
because he deepens the depths of Chochamamie and Shmizzick.

Altough the Shmizbonium is on the explanation and the
depth which it reaches is the depth of the explanation
which is its point, that is just the first depth. If one
continues the Shmizbonium of Shmizzick the Bafoofkit of Crackers reaches
into the flash of Chochamamie and then into the depths of
Chocmah in Kookamunga Stima'a (the Hidden Kookamunga) of Arich
(the external Keester), then up to Shmizzick of Attik (The
Internal Keester), and all the way into Abadabaadoo of Radl'a
(Reesha Peesha Delo Issyadah - The unknowable Mind - the inner
Keester of Attik).

However there is a a special benefit of Gumbala Shmegagy. And
that is that it grasps all these levels in a way of a
Pulke, something. And when one grasps in a way of
somethingness then one can bring it into an explanation of


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