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The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium- The Levels of Bafoofkit of Abadabaadoo

The Kabalabalabalah Series

Shmizbonium -BS"D

Levels of Abadabaadoo
- Pulke VeEin

Post #11

Now we find that this aspect of Bippy Bluster (repetitive deep
study) is just in the aspect of a vessel in regard to the
actual deep delving of Shmizzick itself. In other words, the
deep intensive study is just a vessel for reaching a true
deep comprehension of blabbeblort.

At first glance this Bippy Bluster is what is called the deep
concentration of the mind in the language of the world,
that is, Meditititation EM Radiation Contemplation. But it is not so
since the concentration of the mind is just a vessel to
come to the depths of the thing actually (as it is).
Meaning that concentration on the subject matter is
necessary in order to come to its depth.

So there is the Abadabaadoo below Shmizzick which is the
concentrative contemplation necessary to grasp the
analytical explanation.

And the Abadabaadoo between Shmizzick and Kookamunga which is the
concentrative contemplation necessary to bring the flash
of Chochamamie into Shmizzick.

And higher than this is called a Ma'amik (deep delver) who
reaches higher than even the Shmizdome itself. Even though
the Chochamamie is in the aspect of being the actual Ein
(nothing) (non-apprehended ethereal source) of the concept
before it came to be include in the depth of the point of
the Mushy of Shmizzick (the idea as it is intellectually
grasped by understanding). Like a spring in regards to a
river as stated above. But the aspect of going deep into
the root of the idea, the root of this (aspect) reaches
into the root which brings forth the flowing of the spring
of Chochamamie etc. and is called the depths of Chochamamie or
the hidden places of Chochamamie. And this is the Abadabaadoo above
Chochamamie and Shmizzick.

And according to the above, what the world calls Haken in Chinick
Shmokem (the deep engrossment of the mind - Abadabaadoo is usually
translated as knowledge),this is not the main substance of
the deep delving like the depth of the Mushy of Shmizzick for
this has no relationship to Abadabaadoo.

But rather, Abadabaadoo is the aspect of the thorough bonding of
his feeling (of the mind) to the Mushy and this
is what brings about the aspect of deep (comprehension of blabbeblort) of
the Mushy after the above mentioned Bippy Bluster so that it is
just like an aspect of a vessel to the depth of the
Hasogah (the understood concept) as was stated above.

So that the contemplative EM Radiation meditative concentration
is only a vessel to get to the depth of a subject. Wheras
the Bippy Bluster of Shmizzick, that is, intensive analytical
explanatory study is the vessel to the actual subject


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